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FACE RECOGNITION 500 face users 3000 fingerprint Employee Time Recorder Attendance Managerment Biometric Tim

Biometric Security Camera Facial Identification Time Recording machine face recognition 500 users 3000 fingerrint

ZPT32UNJ20-B5-A10 SMC vacuum chuck pneumatic component Vacuum suction cup

ZPT100HBN-A16 SMC vacuum chuck pneumatic component Vacuum cup ZPT series

ZPT06BGSJ6-B5-A8 SMC vacuum chuck pneumatic component Vacuum suction cup ZTP series

ZPX63HNJ50-B01-A18 SMC vacuum chuck pneumatic component Vacuum suction cup

20M HIFI HD component cable / AV

ZPT100HN-A16 SMC vacuum chuck pneumatic component Vacuum suction cup

Popular tcp/ip 1500 face users 2000 & fingerprint access control time attendance system

JERUAN 1000 Users Metal Biometrics Fingerprint Access Control System 2000 RFID 125khz Reader Door IP66

ZPX100HNJ50-B01-A22 ZPX125HNJ50-B01-A22 SMC vacuum chuck pneumatic component Vacuum suction cup

Michael Williams The Biblical Hebrew Companion for Bible Software Users. Grammatical Terms Explained Exegesis

The Biblical Hebrew Companion for Bible Software Users by Michael Williams is a resource book intended for users of Bible software to help them use and understand the exegetical significance of Hebrew grammatical terminology identified by the program.

2377 RUR



igbt component CM100DU-24F

igbt component CM400HA-24

igbt component CM400DY-12NFA

Altamimi Ahmad Securing OLAP Cubes

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) has become an increasingly important and prevalent component of enterprise Decision Support Systems. OLAP is associated with a data model known as a Cube, a multi-dimensional representation that allows for the extraction and intuitive visualization of broad patterns and trends that would otherwise not be obvious to the user. One must note, however, that not all of the collected data should be universally accessible. Specifically, DW/OLAP systems almost always house confidential and sensitive data that must, by definition, be restricted to authorized users. In this book, we address this problem and provide a comprehensive end-to-end framework for OLAP security that is flexible, intuitive, and powerful. In short, the framework allows administrators to associate security policies with an intuitive conceptual model that maps directly to the model that users see. Restrictions then can be propagated transparently from users to all the hierarchical data. Finally, an automatic form of inference control is provided that is fast enough in practice to not affect query time.

9214 RUR



.elevator&lift LHS-210A board component & parts

Dispenser Valve High Precision One Component Dispensing

AB two-component flashlight pneumatic dispensing valve

SY7120-5LZE-C10 SMC solenoid valve pneumatic component

John Kaufeld AOL For Dummies

A traditional bestseller, AOL For Dummies is the only regularly updated reference book on the market for beginning AOL users Covers the essentials of signing up for AOL, getting around the AOL channels, using AOL's e-mail and instant messaging, and exploring the Web browser Helps first-time users take advantage of AOL's broadband content and the newest features of AOL 9.0 Optimized, such as improved safety features, e-mail systems, and on-demand programming Highlights the changes that users of previous versions will encounter with AOL 9.0 Includes coverage of new high-speed services

1658.05 RUR



Препарат SERA MARINE TRACE ELEMENTS COMPONENT 3 Anionics насыщение воды анионными микроэлементами для морских аквариумов 500мл

Smt component inserter AI Parts 43470604

igbt component CM600HA-24H,CM600HA-24E



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